Sunday, July 1, 2012

A trick to quit smoking

Here I am stating you a magical way to quit smoking. In small words "all addictions (whether chemical or behavioral) are essentially about constant rewards and reinforcement". They all give a trigger to a reward pathway. Now you can quit an addiction with something else that does the same thing. It is sort of reprogramming your brain. And you can do it with a computer game(Tetris Effect). It worked for me, and it is amazing.

- At first please make sure that you know smoking is bad and deadly.
- The next step is to find three off days from your duty so that you can stay home and play games.
- Now please select an addictive game. I used battle of wesnoth for my purpose. You can find something suited to you. It should be a game that you can play for days.
- It is time to play that game. Play it as much time as possible. Make sure you eat proper food and take bath and sleep as well. You see sometimes games are so addictive that it may cause harm to your personal and social life. But we are doing this only to quit smoking for three days. In these days when you want to smoke just play games.
- After three days, you did not smoke and that is great. Now you can play that game quite less, like thirty minutes or so when you want to smoke. And after a week hate smoking and be happy that you quit smoking.

And of-course give me feedback when it works. Another thing, you see I am only sharing my experience, I am not a doctor myself.

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