Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rationality in the face of denial of death and a religious festival

This week there was a religious festival of Bengal-Hindu community. The festival of Kali warship.

Kali is the adobe of death. She has a stern face. She wears a garland of ugly heads of the deceased people. She has blood-red hibiscus flowers in her feet. This dreadful scene represents only the death. This resides in the dark side of our mind. We always face the death with denial.

But as a rational being we need to face the death with reason. She is naked to symbolize the naked fact. There is no need to dress up the fact of the doom that we all must have to face.

Now the idea is, we need to live our momentary life with light of hope and enjoyment. So Kali is worshiped by the candles of light and the children participate in fireworks. They want to mark this moment with blithe and delight.

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